Company building reimagined

We partner with seasoned founders to transform bold ideas into powerful software solutions. Together we build new technology companies that solve daily challenges for modern-day workforces. We strive to accelerate human capital, locally and around the globe.

Our approach

All year-round, our studio team is working on promising business ideas. Right at the point when we find the right challenge to solve, we get expert founders involved to incorporate our next venture. Partnered up with our co-founders, we'll accelerate our venture by providing operational support, empowering resources and investment capital. Finally, when all the metrics start making sense, our co-founders and their founding team will spin-out as an independent company to go even faster.
Our approach

A guided playbook to create stars

At the core of our universe lies a playbook that describes our venture building process and templates derived from decades of operator knowledge. This continuously evolving playbook is designed to accelerate the progress of our ventures in every step of the journey. Our co-founders use this playbook to keep momentum and focus on adding value and growth instead of executing on mundane tasks.
A guided playbook to create stars

Builders by the numbers







From spark to champagne

Our studio team has all the skills necessary to build world-class software companies from spark to champagne. We’re a group of experienced entrepreneurs, product builders, growth marketers, developers, and operators. Unlike others, our team is exclusively focused on supporting ventures inside our portfolio. We support our ventures in:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Finance & Legal
  • Company Formation
  • Recruitment
  • Growth Marketing
  • Operations
  • HR & Talent