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Building the future of work and living

Universe of sparks

Building tomorrow’s thriving companies

Builders is shaping the future of work and living by building software companies that create a more fulfilling and sustainable life for the globalized generation.

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How we do it?

Sourcing bold and impactful ideas

We create internal sparks by exploring market opportunities and customer needs.

Nine out of ten ideas sound good but aren’t

Together with entrepreneurs, we take our ideas for a data-driven test drive to discover what makes sense in the real world.

Timing is everything when we’ve found that perfect idea

Based on the validation outcomes, we put together a business case, get co-founders to join us, and incorporate our next venture.

This is when bright minds and smart resources go hand in hand

Guided by proven methodologies, we accelerate our venture by providing operational support, resources, and capital.

Finally, when everything makes sense, we scale up

Right before we spin out our venture, we set up the company for hyper-growth by bringing co-investors on board.

L​et’s build a
company together


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