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Sharon Klaver, Michael van Lier, Robbert van Geldrop

Builders’ cracked the code to turn ambitious startup ideas into thriving companies. Our ideas originate from deep market research, trend analysis, and a network of market experts. We’re looking for extraordinary entrepreneurs to join us and co-found new companies from scratch.

Workplace management

The potential for utilizing data analytics around workplaces and real estate is enormous, while many uses cases are still untouched. Almost no one knows how many assets are utilized at any point in time, while properties are the biggest cost center after people.

Our research shows that more than a third of real estate operators consider predictive analytics and big data the number one technology to invest in. Use cases include AI-enabled prediction modelling, portfolio management, tenant experience platforms, and the list goes on.

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Real estate tokenization

The process of acquiring or selling a property remains overly complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Digitalization of the real estate industry and the rise of web3 provide new opportunities to streamline and disrupt the entire property exchange experience.

While the pandemic caused an increase in the movement of people and thus a choke point at the buying experience, the rise of property prices has still to open up owners' eyes to new business models and tokenization solutions on the seller side.

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Community platforms

Both commercial and residential real estate is quickly becoming a user experience business, and properties need to be operated with this in mind. Our studies show that delivering a great community experience can change the way people work, live, and consume.

In recent years, the need for community-focused living shifted into the residential space, with sectors like co-living gaining monumental traction.

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Build faster, bigger, and better

Diligent validation

Work with our team, from partner to growth engineer, to complete a rigorous validation process that compresses years of experience into 3-6 months.

Versatile co-founder

If we’re mutually excited about a validated proposition, we will co-found the company together and invest up to €500k in the next 18 months to get the company up and running.

World-class expertise

Our studio team works alongside you and your co-founder until your own dedicated team can be hired. Together we’ll speed up a fifty-month process and cut time spent in half.

Join us as a Future Founder

Ready to talk about impactful startup ideas for real estate or pitch your own? Any questions? Reach out to us anytime.


What are you looking for in a co-founder?

No two founders are alike, luckily. Our evaluation process aims to establish a match between our co-founders, the opportunity at hand, and the studio. We would love it if you could tick a few of these boxes:

  • Track record as a founder or c-level leader in startups or scale-ups in a relevant market;
  • Driven builder or operator in the B2B software space;
  • Interested in technology, SaaS and building the next big thing;
  • Based in the Netherlands with a well-connected network in the European tech ecosystem.

Do I have to move to the Netherlands?

If you want to start a conversation with us, feel free to reach out from wherever you are. We actively engage with a global community of founders from ecosystems all over the world. However, if our conversations progress and we want to build a company together, you should be willing to relocate and have the right to work in the Netherlands.

Can I bring in my own startup ideas?

You are welcome to bring in your own ideas, but they will have to pass the same validation process as ideas generated by our studio team.

Does Builders participate in existing companies?

We do not participate in already established (fully operational) companies. This is because our focus is on building early-stage companies; our studio process, resources, and operational support won't provide the same value to later-stage companies. Still, we are happy to hear from you and provide you with any advice to help you along the journey.

How is Builders financed?

Builders is independently financed by our studio partners and investors around the globe. Get in touch to receive exclusive access to our venture deal-flow or learn more about the studio asset class.

How will equality be divided?

We know equity is a precious and emotional subject. In the end, the numbers and value all have to make sense. To ensure interests are aligned and become partners, we believe equity should be equally divided amongst founders. The outcome of this division results in an equal 1/3 split between the studio and co-founders. We think it is essential that our co-founders hold a majority stake in the company for future follow-on investments.

How invested is Builders in ventures?

The commitment to our ventures is related to the stages in our stage-gate model. In the early days, our studio team is hands-on involved in building and launching the company. Later in the process, we gradually start adding people to the founding team to replace our role as a studio. After preparing our company for a spin-out, our involvement changes to a more strategic manner.


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