Meet Robbert, Director of Product

Robbert van Geldrop

Robbert is a Director of Product at Builders. He works on product and tech-related challenges to accelerate our ventures and supercharge our studio toolstack and playbooks.
Robbert van Geldrop


Robbert is an entrepreneur and software developer, who wrote his first lines of codes on an Atari ST when he was eight years old. He founded his first software company at the age of 19. Robbert is also an angel investor in multiple fast-growing SaaS and e-commerce startups.

Robbert is a Lean Startup adept of the first hour and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs in various incubation and acceleration programs across Europe on his hand-on experience regarding experimentation at the early stages of new ventures.

Contact details

Robbert lives and breathes product. Reach out to him to talk about everything related to SaaS, startup metrics and Lean Startup.