Meet Gioia, Founder Associate

Gioia Muscetta

Gioia is a Founder Associate Intern at Builders. She supports our co-founders on validation and creation oriented challenges to launch our latest venture.
Gioia Muscetta


Gioia recently joined Builders as a Founder Associate at Obeyo. Her insatiable curiosity led her to start her career as a Global Marketeer at Unilever, an internship she did alongside a double degree in International Business and Philosophy. As her studies came to an end, she deeply questioned her life purpose and decided to deep-dive into the scale-up world by doing a Business Development internship at The Next Web.

During this eye-opening year, she understood her hunger for problem-solving and building things, leading her to her current role as a Founder Associate. You’ll find her reading Human Design charts, psychology books or digging into new tech in her free time.