Meet Bogos, Business Designer

Bogos is the Business Designer at Builders. He is responsible for building SaaS startups from scratch together with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and provides guidance in the venture building process.


Bogos joined Builders in May 2022 as Business Designer. He has been experimenting with building multiple tech startups since his marketing studies. After graduating, he worked for 4,5 years at ABN AMRO bank as Innovation Manager, where he created two SaaS Startups. During the development of these startups, he's had a wide range of responsibilities, making him experienced in sales, product development, and validation experiments. He describes himself as a generalist with an in-depth understanding of the startup building process.

Areas of expertise

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Contact details

Bogos is super passionate about the startup building process. Feel free to reach out to spar with him about the process or if you are looking for advice on how to build your startup.


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