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About Builders

Builders (formerly known as We Are Builders) is a B2B startup studio designed to build and grow technology companies from scratch, by bringing together bold ideas, experienced co-founders, operational support and investment capital.

Our studio acts as a versatile third co-founder. We provide hands-on support and resources from the start, which allow our co-founders to excel in execution and growth. This enables us to move fast, provide value to customers early-on, and develop a strong product-market foundation.

We have built and scaled several B2B software companies, including SaaS applications, online marketplaces and cloud platforms.

At Builders, we believe life at work exists beyond the office. We build software solutions that solve daily challenges for modern-day workforces. Our ventures help people around the globe work smarter while having more fun.


We love working with press and media to share exciting stories. Let’s see what we can create together, feel free to get in touch.