A hideout for seasoned founders

Hey, you founder! You’ve been through the school of hard knocks and emerged as a winner in huge ways. At Builders, we celebrate the highs and the lows of entrepreneurship together. We’ve created a secure space where equally driven individuals connect, share and inspire each other whilst building the next impactful thing.

House of Founders

We host an invite-only, inspiring and diverse community of tech leaders looking to collaborate, share knowledge and drive new venture creation. We aim to bring together a group of like-minded builders and operators to help shape the world of tomorrow.
House of Founders

Welcome home founder, step inside House of Founders.

Join the club

Picture our community like a club with a preferred dress code. We have set a dress code policy to identify the founders we like to connect and collaborate with. Instead of looking at your outfit (you look fabulous by the way), we prefer to focus on your background and drive. By doing so, we strive to maintain a synergy-driven community that brings equal value to the table and supports each other's goals and ambitions.

Can you relate to the House of Founders dress code?

  • You have a track record as a founder or c-level leader in startups or scaleups.
  • You are a driven operator or builder in the B2B market.
  • You get fired up about all things technology and software.
  • You love to build new things with a group of like-minded people.
  • You know your way around the European tech ecosystem.

Are you in?

Do you feel strongly about joining House of Founders and meet our dress code? Feel free to request an invitation, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Not a founder, but still like to get involved? Let's explore how we can collaborate; we love wildcards!


Why should I join House of Founders?

If you are an experienced founder and look for a safe and inspiring community of like-minded individuals, this is the right place for you. At House of Founders, you will connect, interact and exchange knowledge with all other members. You will gain new insights, celebrate major milestones and help each other through difficult times.

Are House of Founders and Future Founder the same?

Not quite; while they may look similar, both are different. House of Founders is our community hideout for tech leaders where we connect, share and inspire each other whilst building the next impactful thing. Future Founder is our application process to match founders with our future venture opportunities (hence the name). It may well be that someone who aspires to be a Future Founder someday joins House of Founders, but this is not a requirement to be part of our community.

I am not a founder; can I still get involved?

Yes, we can definitely find ways to collaborate. Make sure to fill in our collaboration form and tell us how would you like to get involved within our community.

Who is part of House of Founders?

The people you meet at House of Founders are seasoned entrepreneurs, always ready to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Some are relatively new to the community, while others have been in our personal networks for decades.

Do I need to be in The Netherlands to join?

Not at all; we have a global community of founders from ecosystems all over the world. However, if you want to be considered for the Future Founder position for one of our ventures, you should be willing to relocate to Europe. You can read more about our Future Founder position on our opportunities page.

Is House of Founders free of charge?

Yes, joining and participating in our community is free. However, we have an unwritten rule: be active and involved within the community and support your fellow members.