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Working with founders

We partner with seasoned business and tech founders to build new software companies. Guided by our venture building playbooks and backed by our studio resources, our ventures grow fast to become strong, independent businesses. At the same time, the studio environment provides ongoing advantages and our ventures always remain part of the Builders family of companies.

Building exceptional founding teams

We believe in creating complementary founding teams by partnering up with co-founders in business (CEO) and product (CTO). Partnering with our studio gives founders a definitive edge over other companies in the same space by jumping over common pitfalls.

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From day one, for the long run

Based on the studio composition, our co-founders can work to their strengths from the earliest stage, and our studio team fills in the gaps for all the essentials outside the building process. We seamlessly work together to provide value to customers early on, develop product market fit, and quickly become leaders in the spaces we enter.

Business founder

In the early days, our CEOs research, prototype, build-measure-learn, and pivot their way to a repeatable business model. Next, they focus on sales, marketing, team building, and everything else required to launch and grow the business. When ready, each venture spins-out out the studio with fresh funds, a dedicated team, and their own unique culture.

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Technical founder

Involved in everything related to product and technology, our CTOs are experts in their field and have loads of experience building user-centred software products. Together with our studio team, our CTOs make complex decisions in hours, not weeks. From day one until exit, the real passion goes into building a top-notch product team from scratch.

Why found with us?


A proven and quicker way to get to seed funding than raising from business angels or bootstrapping yourself. We take an idea to €500k in funding within three to six months.


We not only invest in our companies; we build them together. We invest in ambitious founders and builders with complimentary expertise to ours.


We form the founding team together with you. If you're a founder, we'll find a top-notch CEO or CTO who will stand by your side to build a mighty software company.

Let's start the conversation

We are spinning out new ideas every few months and love to connect with the best founders in the field. Have a look at our current founder opportunities or apply to our Future Founder waitlist. By applying to our future founder position, we’ll meet up to review if we are a match. If you have what it takes to become one of our future founders, let’s talk!


I have an amazing idea for a new company

Great! We are hosting ideation events throughout the year where founders and market experts exchange insights and ideas related to the future of work and living. These events create meaningful connections and reveal the inner workings of our ideation process for new venture creation. Do you want to be part of our next event? Connect with us at

Does Builders participate in existing companies?

We do not participate in already established companies. This is because we focus on building companies from scratch; our venture building process, studio resources, and operational support won't provide the same value to later-stage companies. Still, we are happy to hear from you and provide you with any advice that helps you along the journey.

How is Builders financed?

Builders is independently financed by our studio partners and investors around the globe. Get in touch to receive exclusive access to our venture deal-flow or schedule a call to learn more about the studio asset class.

How do ideas get sourced and validated?

We are on a journey to build a universe of meaningful companies for the future of living and work. We conduct extensive research into market verticals and identify trends relevant to our studio scope in order to select the best ideas. After engaging external experts to confirm or challenge our views, we connect with promising founders to select relevant business opportunities within a specific vertical.

As the last step (pre-formation), we host design sprints with the most promising founders to validate selected business opportunities. By the end of this process, the fundamental blocks for our next venture have been established, and we are ready to start our journey with a new founding team.

The essence of the process is to break assumptions early, to move forward with each success, and to keep iterating fast. Our approach to validation is data-driven, meaning that the more promising data we find, the more effort we invest. We believe in validating through real, non-biased insights by conducting lean experiments, whether via landing pages, MVPs, interviews, or other proven methods.

How will equality be divided?

We know equity is a precious and emotional subject. In the end, the numbers and value all have to make sense. To ensure interests are aligned and become partners, we believe equity should be equally divided amongst founders. The outcome of this division results in an equal split between our studio and co-founders. We think it is essential that our co-founders hold a majority stake in our company for follow-on investments in the future.

How invested is Builders in ventures?

The commitment to our ventures is related to the stages in our venture building model. In the early days, our studio team is hands-on involved in building and launching the company. Later in the process, we gradually add people to the founding team to replace our role as a studio. After we are preparing our company for a spin-out, our involvement changes to a more strategic manner.

How are Future Founder applications reviewed?

We evaluate founder applications based on our studio thesis and requirements. Our evaluation process aims to establish a match between our co-founders, a specific opportunity, and the studio.

Our most important evaluation criteria:

  • Track record as a founder or c-level leader in startups or scale-ups in the targeted market
  • Driven operator or builder in B2B software
  • Interested in technology, SaaS and building the next big thing
  • Based in the Netherlands with a well-connected network in the European tech ecosystem


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